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Digital Studies 101 /// Fall 2021

Blog 4

For this blog post, I watched “Arkangel”, from the Netflix series, Black Mirror.  In this episode, a mother got a “chip” inserted into her child which allowed her to track her by GPS, view the world from her eyes, and “filter” out things that she did not want her child to see. The mother had […]

Blog Post 3

“The overall aim was to make the prison a place for the constitution of a body of knowledge that would regulate the exercise of penitentiary practice. The prison has not only to know the decision of the judges and to apply it in terms of the established regulations: it has to extract unceasingly from the […]

Mini Project 1

As human beings, we believe that we have a dominance over the world upon us. In Heidegger’s The Question Concerning Technology, he discusses standing-reserves. “Thus when man, investigating, observing, ensnares nature as an area of his own conceiving, he has already been claimed by a way of revealing that challenges him to approach nature as […]

Blog Post #2

Always Check the Weather In southern Pennsylvania, you never know where those mountains will take ya.  It was early monday morning,  We got ready for a float, but not on a boat. We went rolling down the river with our tubes tied together. Though before departure, not a soul bothered to check the weather.  Some […]

Blog Post #1

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post for Phi Tech ! I will be tackling the questions: What’s technology? Who cares/Why should anyone care how “technology” is defined? Technology in this time of day will often be thought of as a cell phone, a piece of machinery, cars, etc. Fact of the matter, technology […]

Welcome to my PHI & Tech Blog!

Hello everyone, my name is Jaylynn Bellefy and I will be using this blog for my Philosophy and Technology class at University of Mary Washington for the Fall 2020 semester. I hope everyone has a great semester!