Blog Post #2

Always Check the Weather

In southern Pennsylvania, you never know where those mountains will take ya. 

It was early monday morning, 

We got ready for a float, but not on a boat.

We went rolling down the river with our tubes tied together.

Though before departure, not a soul bothered to check the weather. 

Some sipping brew, while I drank Mountain dew, 

But that may or may not be true.

After a while, the sky turned angry,

Yet to go was still another mile. 

 Lighting came striking, we started to wish we were biking. 

Stranded afloat, we became concerned for our safety. 

We tried to tough it out, but began to scout- for a shelter nearby.

We swam to shore, then began to tour. 

We came across a young couple, who drove us to our cabin, in their station wagon. 

As we arrived to our destination, I started to feel sane,

But never looked at the river the same. 

Always check the weather.

-Jaylynn Bellefy

Blog Post #1

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post for Phi Tech ! I will be tackling the questions: What’s technology? Who cares/Why should anyone care how “technology” is defined?

Technology in this time of day will often be thought of as a cell phone, a piece of machinery, cars, etc. Fact of the matter, technology is all around us, and we use it every day, whether we realize it or not. When you leave your house or bedroom, you open and close a door, which is technology. You sit in a reclining chair to watch some TV, you are using technology. It is all around us.

According to Val Dusek, there are different kinds of definitions for technology. There are real, stipulative, reportative, and précising definitions. A real definition comes from the Ancient Greek Philosophers, Plato and Aristotle held the notion of the real definition,”which assumes that there is a real structure of the world that corresponds to our words and that a correct definition will math the real nature of things”(Dusek, 26) The stipulative definition is quite an opposite view of the real definition, as it claims that the definition is about words, not things. The reportative definition is a report of how the word is used, and there is no way to make up an arbitrary definition of it. Lastly, the précising definition, “retains the core ordinary meaning of the word”(Dusek,28).

People should care about how technology is defined because it gives a better understanding as to how certain parts of life work and the reasoning of their lives being simpler. Whether people look at technology as a good or bad thing, is, in my opinion, completely up to the persons beliefs. It is often thought that technology makes one lazier, but it in fact, still requires time and energy to use technology. I personally do not look at technology as a good or bad thing, because in ways it can consume a persons life, but at the same time we need it to live a simpler life. Technology is very much necessary and there are technological advances happening every day.


Val Dusek, “What is technology? Defining or Characterizing Technology”.

Welcome to my PHI & Tech Blog!

Hello everyone, my name is Jaylynn Bellefy and I will be using this blog for my Philosophy and Technology class at University of Mary Washington for the Fall 2020 semester. I hope everyone has a great semester!