Analogue Appeal (week 12)

Do you think Analog tech, such as physical books or film photography, will make a permanent resurgence? Die out?

Analog tech will never die out. There is too much that they offer aesthetically that technology can simply not replace. Books, for example, can hold an important aspect when it comes to learning through reading them. The physical touch of a book and physically flipping through, highlighting, adding notes in, etc, are things that cannot be replaced. Film photography is something that you can physically hold, hang up on a wall, or put in a box to store away and look back on. A picture on a phone can be gone in one click of a button, forever. You can send a person a photo, but actually handing them a copy of the printed out photo is something that cannot be compared to.

Do you use any analogue technology or processes?

If there is a hard copy of a textbook for college available rather than a digital copy, I will always buy the hard copy. I find it easier to be able to pick up my textbook and read, rather than scrolling on my computer, where my eyes are strained from the small words in lines on my bright screen, and being one click away from being in a different tab, loosing focus. I can take a hard copy of a textbook anywhere to read, rather than my laptop that needs internet to access the e-book. I like to take handwritten notes, as they can be organized in my own personal way, I can draw graphs/pictures when needed, and I find that I remember things better when they are written down.

One of my favorite analogue technologies are Vinyl records. About 3 years ago, I started collecting them. It started at garage sales, then family members and friends dug theirs out of storage to give to me, and I bought some new ones at the stores of new albums that I loved. I now have around 200 vinyl records, and they are decorated all throughout my house (rooms, shelves, etc). My record player is in my living room, and the feeling of picking out a record, putting it on the record player, and playing it, is a sensation you do not get when you click “shuffle” on Apple Music. It is the best way to play music, and stay committed to listening to a whole album, as it just keeps going.

Is there something the digital world isn’t offering that those analog things do offer?

Physical touch and the feeling that you can keep the items forever (unless lost or there is a fire). When you have a physical copy of something, it is easily retrievable and can be passed down or stored away. In the digital world, nothing is certain and not everything can be saved forever, which is a unsatisfying thought to have when you value something.

Will we ever exist in a purely digital society (however you’d define that)?

No. Books will always exist and be preferred by many individuals. Printed pictures will always be in a box in someone’s attic, people will use sticky notes, listen to vinyl records, write with pens (not type), use wind up clocks for a kitchen timer (not a phone timer or Alexa), etc. The digital world may begin to win people over, but there will never be a purely digital world, which to me means everyone uses a digital alternative of a physical item/tool, as there are always going to be individual preferences!