Blog 6

If you could pick out features of your child, what would you choose? Math genius? No allergies? Strong muscles? Strong heart? Strong lungs?

We all dream for our children to have and be the best person they can be. But, if there were a way to manipulate this would you? Would you take the chance to manipulate human embryos? Would the risk be worth it? 

I believe that the changing of original DNA/genes in a person would be too risky. Not only would it be a risk, but in today’s world, you can imagine the price tag on it. We are all born with chances of having strong or weak genes, so how would it be fair for one person to have the opportunity over another? I know not everything in life is fair, but the opportunity to change a human body to overpower another would not be ethical. 

I believe that if there is the ability to have another source of discrimination and privelege with the change in human embryos, it would cause more negative than positive. In a world where there is already discrimination, judgement,and privelege why add more? It would not be ethical.

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