Blog Post #2

Always Check the Weather

In southern Pennsylvania, you never know where those mountains will take ya. 

It was early monday morning, 

We got ready for a float, but not on a boat.

We went rolling down the river with our tubes tied together.

Though before departure, not a soul bothered to check the weather. 

Some sipping brew, while I drank Mountain dew, 

But that may or may not be true.

After a while, the sky turned angry,

Yet to go was still another mile. 

 Lighting came striking, we started to wish we were biking. 

Stranded afloat, we became concerned for our safety. 

We tried to tough it out, but began to scout- for a shelter nearby.

We swam to shore, then began to tour. 

We came across a young couple, who drove us to our cabin, in their station wagon. 

As we arrived to our destination, I started to feel sane,

But never looked at the river the same. 

Always check the weather.

-Jaylynn Bellefy

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  1. What I love most about this piece is the fact that we’ve all been in this kind of situation. “Oh, it’ll be fine,” they said. “It’s not gonna rain today,” they said. Yeah, tell that to the dark grey clouds bringing sheets upon sheets of rain with them that flood the entire amusement park (True story, actually. The water level was up to my ankles and we had to go up and down hills to get to any shelter. Best rainy day ever).
    I think it’s fascinating how because we believe humans are in control of nature due to technology that imposes our will on the land, we get comfortable and underestimate nature’s ferocity and/or unpredictability. We are still at the mercy of nature’s whims, just like any other creature on earth. We can’t change the weather; the only thing we can do is predict what’s going to happen and hope for the best (even then, as everyone knows, it’s not 100% reliable). But, because of this false sense of security, we forget to do the smallest of things, whether that be forgetting to put on sunscreen, not bringing water on a hike, or even checking the weather.

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