Hello DGST101!

Hello everyone reading. I am assuming that you are in my Digital Studies online class.My name is Jaylynn Bellefy. I already had this domain made for a Philosophy class, so you can ignore (or not) all of my previous posts.

For the first assignment, I read There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury. I felt as though I read this story at the beginning as it sounded like a nursery rhyme. It was no nursery rhyme, and it got dark. The future is always expected to have technological advances, and 2026 is not that far away (2026 is the time in the story). I mean, we already have cars like Tesla that fully drive you from one location to another, what is next for cars? Flying? When this story started, I was reminded of the Amazon Alexa. As someone who owns one, I find it helpful, but it does malfunction at times, as all technology does. For example, mine randomly told me “OK, I will set a reminder for 8am on Labor Day”. I did not say that and I am the only one that has access, and would have been creeped out to my Alexa going off at 8am when I didn’t ask it to. Like the story shows, technology can be a helpful tool in this chaotic world (who doesn’t want a machine to make them all their meals and clean their house?), but some things get carried away. This story is a perfect example of “carried away”, as it shows a fully technologically advanced house who completely destroys the owners and itself.