Leave me alone, Facebook! (Week 7)

Download app, type in your information, scroll scroll scroll, mark that you have read terms of conditions, click “done”. That’s how it goes. Besides, it is full of a bunch of words we don’t understand and loopholes.

You know that secret you messaged your friend on Facebook that only she knows? Well, they aren’t the only person who knows. Facebook is now aware of your little secret.

How? Well, whether you were 12 or 65, you allowed Facebook to acess your private messages. This is how it is specifically in the terms of service that you clicked “agree” to: “Facebook processes data from user communications (i.e.: Private Messaging, Private Communications)”. There is no “safe space” on Facebook, so maybe choose another form of communication to spill the beans.

Have you ever been scrolling on Facebook and seen an advertisement for a really cool shirt, clicked on it, then exited out? Then a couple hours later, you get back on and see a ton of advertisements for the SAME style/brand shirt or even other clothing? Well, you allowed that to happen. They know! They know you clicked on it and were interested, so they will keep showing you. They know your name and interests.

You agreed to this terms of service when signing up: “You give us permission to use your name and profile picture and information about actions you have taken on Facebook next to or in connection with ads, offers, and other sponsored content that we display across our Products, without any compensation to you”.

While these are only two different scenarios and terms of services, there are PAGES of others that you were probably unaware of and it could explain why your social media is the way it is.

While it seems like an invasion of privacy, you accepted it, and besides, what are we going to do about it? Deny the terms of service? Then we have no access. Have everyone boycott social media? Nearly impossible.

Next time I sign up for something and click the “Agree to terms and conditions” button, maybe I shall take a closer look. And maybe, you should too!

Reference: https://tosdr.org