Rebuild the Internet Project

For my idea of “rebuilding the internet”, I chose a widespread system throughout the United States of America. As you see, there are some states already labeled with a specific internet network/browser along with a tower, and all 50 states have towers. The idea is that every state has a tower or multiple towers (I’m thinking the bigger the state, the bigger the tower or more towers) that hold a specific connection to a network. For example, Texas has the Google tower. If someone in Virginia went to, it would send a signal to the Texas tower and bounce back to the user in Virginia with the needed information. While this system may not be environmentally practical, I think it would serve as an interesting way for each state to hold power over a system.

To me, the internet holds the power of knowledge and entertainment. Without networks like Google, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and Amazon, I would not have a use for the internet. I think that the spread of these networks throughout the country would also add a unique characteristic to each state, like imagine going to Texas and seeing the “Google tower”, or to California and seeing the “Facebook tower”! I also thought about troubles with these systems, and if there needed to be maintenance done, the whole system is in one spot, and could be easier to solve problems. To me, redesigning the internet would involve a new, unique system. This system, in my opinion, is a very interesting take on that.