Week 10: Disinformation, Information Literacy, & The Digital Revolution

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The topic questions I am using for this post:

Is disinformation really more rampant than it was before social media? Why or why not? ‘

Disinformation runs the internet. I find myself running across a completely ridiculous Facebook post nearly every day. A person reads the post, truly believes it, and shares it for the rest of their friends to do the same thing. This is an example showing that social media is the root of the spread of disinformation. It is so easy to click the “share” button and the post can be on hundreds or thousands of people’s timelines.

Before social media, it was newspaper and word of mouth. People would read newspapers, tell their peers, and move on with the day. A person could only hear but so many false stories in one day and go tell everyone, unlike now, you can sit on your phone/computer for hours and read false information and with the click of a button, it can be spread to so many others.

A big issue with social media, is news article titles. For example, recently there was a popular case, involving an individual with Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petitio. If you watch the news or are on any social media, it is almost impossible that you didn’t hear about it. When Brian’s remains were found and confirmed that it was him, I seen a news article with the title, “Remains come back inconclusive”, and there were so many comments saying “I knew it wasn’t him” or “I knew he didn’t die!”, but if you read more into the article, it was very clear that the title was talking about a cause of death, not that it wasn’t him.

Social media has kicked the spread of disinformation and that’s why I believe little to none of what I read online… especially Facebook. People are very gullible and are too lazy to fact check information they share, and the cycle just continues. Before social media, of course there was disinformation, but nothing like the situations we are in from social media. It really is a shame!