Week 11: Privacy on the Internet

Many times throughout my life, I have googled my name. I always thought it was an interesting thing to do since I have such a unique name (nobody else has my exact name) and all the information always was about me or my family. My digital footprint dates back to 2008, when I was in Girl Scouts and had a meeting with a Mayor. When I google my name, I find a lot of the “Pay to find out more information” sites, but my father comes up too. All of our information, including addresses we have lived at and phone numbers are out there for the world to see. I think there is too much on the internet to be found out just by a simple google search of a persons name, and can be dangerous when this information is found by the wrong person.

Topic: How much do you value privacy?

Considering I have nearly all forms of social media, I would probably not be considered the most “private” person. If someone were to look at my social media, they would know my age, relationship status, what kind of pets I have, what town I live in, where I go to college, where I went to high school, where I go on vacations, and information similar. I know it is not a very bright idea to put all this information out when it comes to stalkers or my privacy. I have accepted that. When it comes to the things I post, I do not post things that could get me in trouble with future employers or controversal opinions that I think are better kept to myself.

Privacy, to me, is valued, but I do not take every step to keep my life confidential. It wouldn’t be too hard to know nearly everything about me when digging through social media or doing a google search, but there are things that I keep completely private (that most people do), like medical information or credit/debit card numbers. I do not post about where I live specifically, which is a big privacy concern to me.

Overall, I would say I value my privacy to an extent. Writing this, I stopped and scrolled through my social media, and I think I post too much. I think that I may want to consider the things I post and put deeper thought into what is posted and if there is anything in pictures that could point to too much information, for example, when I bought my house with my boyfriend, we have a posted picture with us in front of it. I think this may not have been a great idea considering anyone who has seen the post can drive through the small county I live in and point out that is where I live, just based off of this picture.