What is the Internet? // DGST BLOG #3

Where is the internet?

The internet is everywhere that you have connection. It is not in one physical place, but in nearly every place. In a car, in a house, on a plane, in the ocean, etc. Internet is spread through a cable, and spread through router boxes. It is spread all around us, and you can find it nearly anywhere you are.

What is not the internet? 

The internet is not physical. The internet is not magic, though it can sometimes seem that way, especially to children. It is a complex system, and everything is happening for another reason- whether it was a phrase you typed in or a button you clicked, it is not coincidental. The internet is not something that can be easily replaced, as it is revolutionary. The internet is not a simple system. 

How many internets are there? 

While I don’t know the technical answer, my best guess is that there is one internet, and it is made up of a great amount of sites, networks, and systems. There is of course, the “dark web”, which is a hidden network full of illegal systems and activities, and is only accessible through software and manipulation of the internet. But, like I said, it seems as if there is only one internet and everything based off of that one internet. 

What is the internet becoming? 

The internet is becoming a reliable source, but also a dark hole. In the sense of a reliable source, we no longer need to look up the definition of a word in those bulky dictionaries, we can simply just search it. We can complete research projects, papers, and any other educational assignment all in one place. The internet is also becoming a dark hole, destroying mental health. The internet is a place for anyone to hide behind a screen, and people can use that power to bully, harass, and even stalk others. The broad information that we are given allows these things to happen. The internet is becoming the source of everything. The internet is the biggest, and I believe will stay the biggest invention in our time. 

Is the internet alive?

Physically, no, but in a complex way, yes. The internet, to me, is like one giant universal brain. It has memories, stores information, and is able to be expanded. I have always thought of the internet being like the smartest person in the world. They can answer nearly any question and know everything at a “snap” (click). 

What do you love about the internet? 

  • Being connected
  • Being educated
  • Having such vast information available at my fingertips
  • Social media 
  • Entertainment 

What scares you? 

  • The power that people hold behind the internet
  • How advanced it has become /is becoming
  • Stalkers 
  • Control
  • Adiction aspect